our technology

Our Technology

Because receivables management is our business, we make sure that our systems keep track of the latest technologies to help us manage your debt portfolio with the focus it needs.

We have developed a system that implements workflows for the different activity types in the collections process. We can automate letters and digital letters that allow customers to reply with queries and promises of payment. Calls are scheduled at intervals designed to complement dunning cycles and we offer a range of payment methods.

Our system allows us to append credit reference agency data and help profile customers according to risk and propensity to pay; helping us manage your portfolio efficiently at lower cost.

One of the key benefits of the system is the transparency it offers. Clients have the ability to track our activities in all cases and benefit from management information on key metrics. These reports can be customised and shared with web-hosted links to live data, so you’ll always have the current position at your fingertips.

Our innovation in technology is what sets us apart and we’re constantly looking at ways to leverage systems to improve outcomes for our clients.

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