Global debt recovery agency Moreton Smith has unveiled a new software platform, in collaboration with developers at Sidetrade, the receivables management IT specialists.

The system permits workflow design at a client-level, giving clients the flexibility to determine their own collections strategy for debt and credit control activity. A blend of automated activities and outbound call campaigns are employed in the workflows, based on date or prior outcomes.

The system incorporates multiple contact channels and allows customers to update their contact details, raise queries, record promises to pay and make payment.   

The new workflows introduce significant benefits to creditors, according to Adam Wonnacott, the recently-appointed Managing Director of Moreton Smith:

‘We’ve leveraged the capabilities of the Sidetrade collections platform in a way that best meets the needs of our clients. We’ve focused upon making our processes more transparent and producing really useful management information for our clients’.

Now part of Marston Holdings, Moreton Smith services debts in over 15 languages from its offices in Central London and manages debt portfolios in over 120 countries.